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Not far from Kiev, in a quiet and calm corner of Korosten Where slender birches and firtrees stretch to the sky and birdsongs fill the soul with joym, based charming ukrainian restaurant-museum "KOLYBA". Visiting us you seem to plunge into unforgettable world of childhood, where grandmother had the delicious dishes.


At your service spacious rooms to the INTERIOR of WHICH REAL vintage ELEMENTS of life and culture of UKRAINIAN PEOPLE organically intertwined, colorful SUMMER pavilions and summer ground for banquets and special events. All these will fully comprehend the unique atmosphere of TRADITIONAL UKRAINIAN CULTURE. IT FEELS LIKE YOU VISIT HOSPITABLE UKRAINIAN FAMILY WHERE ALWAYS HAPPY TO SEE OLD FRIENDS AND TREAT THEM SINCERELY.


 Charming waitresses welcome you and quickly lay the table. Chefs with enthusiasm and love prepare and treat you with blush potato pancakes, UKRAINIAN borscht, Varenichki IN every TASTE which will not leave you indifferent. Oh, how many are different goodies here, just not even list!


 To relax from the frenzied pace of life to YOUR SERVICE a Hot wood sauna with a cozy lounge.


On the teritorry of the restaurant there is a hotel complex - stylized UKRAINIAN HOUSES THAT WE OFFER FOR dwelling to OUR GUESTS.


Reviewing OUR VIDEOs ABOUT RESTAURANT MUSEUM "KOLYBA" in summer and in winter you can enjoy only partially of these fabulous corner. But visiting us you will forever leave in your soul UNFORGETTABLE enjoyable feelings.